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Teaching Channel
The TeachingChannel website contains 100+ videos of teachers and students in action, sorted by subject, grade level, or topic. Videos range from 1 minute to 30 minutes in length. Good quality and no advertisements. Worth a look.
Math Solutions
Math Solutions has a series of short videos that provide an overview and introduction to the "big idea" behind each of the eight standards for math. Watch all 8 for FREE online.
CC "Shift Cards"
Achievethe urges folks to "steal" from the CC toolbox, which has primers on where to focus in math and ELA and nifty wallet-size :shift cards" to help faculty to remember key changes.
Glass Education Consulting
Kathy Glass website is to help educators directly translate what she teaches into effective classroom practice that impacts students, Kathy customizes each professional development situation to meet clients' needs (e.g., presentations, lesson demonstrations, coaching, collaborative unit design, etc.)
Crosswalks for CCSS

Nine Ways the Common Core Will Change Classroom Practice by Robert Rothman Harvard Education Letter

NC Common Core Instructional Support Tools

U of Arizona Progression Documents toward CC

Cognitive Rigor Matrix
Digital Tools and the CCSS
A wiki created by Lori Ceremuga and Stevie Kline with digital tools to support each of the ELA Common Core.
Technology Integration Matrix
he matrix shows teachers how they can integrate technology in their classroom to enhance learning in K-12.
Teach 21 Strategies Bank
West Virginia Department of Education website of research based strategies for educators.
Oregon Scoring Guides
A scoring guide is an assessment tool used to judge the quality of student performance in relation to content standards.
Unlocking Common Core Math Practice. Instruction. Assessment. Intervention.
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